Thursday, June 30, 2016

Student Loans and You

Meet Mairin! Who was most influential in her life in helping her get a good education?

I spend my days doing everything I can to express gratitude to my parents for their support of my education. I was fortunate enough to receive free tuition for both undergraduate and graduate degrees at Duquesne University. I received my Bachelors in Science in Business Administration for free because my mother was an employee at the University and I received my Masters in Business Administration because of a graduate assistantship in the University’s Office of Greek Life. However, I didn’t get out debt free. I took out loans to help support my room and board, meal plan, books, etc.

My parents have offered to help me pay off all of the loans I have and I make sure their birthdays and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are that much more special for them because of it!

Thanks Mom and Dad! Does anyone else have someone they are thankful for who helped them get through school?

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