Skills Gap? Here are 5 Ways Your Students Can Stay Ahead in Life

Written by The StartNoo Team

August 10, 2021

The students of today are the employees and employers of tomorrow. Recently, there has been a growing concern pertaining to the skills gap that students will face when entering the world of work. 


A skills gap is described as the fundamental lack or mismatch of an employee’s particular set of skills. Simply put, this means that an employer may require a specific skillset from a potential employee that they do not possess. 


To become an employee worth being sought after, a student that is graduating from an advanced institution, or university, should attempt to have their skills gap be as small as possible. At StartNoo, we allow students to serve their community and in turn get rewarded with a subsidized tuition or assistance paying their student loans. 


Here, we will delve into five different ways your students can stay ahead of others and close the skills gap they may be concerned with.

  • Prepare your students with real-world experiences

Ultimately, nothing trumps experience. While theory is inherently critical, it must be paired with practical examples to resonate better with students. Preparing students to enter the working society should be at the top of the list. It’s difficult to predict what the job industry may look like in the future, as society and technology is everchanging, but what we do know is that soft skills will always play a large role in what a skill set needs. Soft skills can range from your manners, your personality, and your flexibility at a new job. Here are some tips for teaching soft skills to students. 


In current times, the majority of workplaces require both basic and advanced skills in technology, the ability to be creative, and the innate passion for accomplishing things solely on one’s initiative.

  • Encourage skill-based volunteering 

Skill-based volunteering involves leveraging the skills and talents of students using nonprofit organizations. Students can help strengthen the infrastructure of nonprofits and sustain them while obtaining hands-on experience that can’t be taught in a classroom.


Skill-based volunteering has a lot of benefits for both parties involved. The student volunteer has the opportunity to use and hone their skills in an efficient way while the nonprofit organization benefits by having on hand labor they may not have originally been able to afford. The organization can offer the student experience they wouldn’t easily come across, and in turn, become a valuable asset with an elevated skill set that is beneficial for the workforce.

  • Foster a culture for corporate social responsibility 

Positive corporate citizenship has grown in popularity and is seen as a sign of a beneficial, dedicated employee. Corporate social responsibility entails voluntary actions made by firms or organizations that enhance social or environmental conditions while fostering an improved company culture.


Corporate social responsibility has now become a must in today’s socioeconomic climate for companies as opposed to an option. This is because the culture exchange between an organization and the wider public is beneficial for all parties. Encourage your students to maintain a wide scope when viewing the world around them.

At StartNoo, we firmly believe that service-based scholarships are the way of the future. With a scholarship of this kind, your students are able to gain real-world experience by working with nonprofits that are pursuing charitable causes. 


A service-based scholarship benefits students who want to dedicate their time to serving their communities but may also have financial needs. The work that these students would complete as part of their scholarship would significantly improve their work experience and enhance their skill set. They would also be improving the services being offered by the nonprofit organization of their choice.


  • Be a student forever 

The skills that your students possess always have room for improvement. Choosing to be a student forever within their skill area will always remain beneficial. It allows them to continuously gain experience while building their skillset, which will improve their probability of being employed faster and set them apart from the rest. 


The term ‘forever student’ doesn’t necessarily mean that you will always be in school. Instead, it implies that you are always alert and in tune with what is happening in your specific skill’s area; whether it’s new improvements, new technology or current trends. 


As educators, how we teach our students day-to-day matters. The traditional courses that have been rigorously taught for decades are now beginning to transition into more skill-based and targeted areas such as entrepreneurship and project-based learning.


To sum up


The more that students know and understand the skills gap, the more they will also understand the importance of developing and using their skills. Lending a helping hand to nonprofit organizations and learning to contribute to corporate social responsibility will only be of benefit to them. 


StartNoo is one of the primary organizations available that assists you in keeping your university open and helping increase enrollment through their service-based scholarships. If StartNoo isn’t helping your campus yet, consider signing your university’s petition or becoming a Campus Manager.

Visit the StartNoo site to learn more and get started!


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